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"I thank God everyday for bringing Dr. Paul into my life...It has been truely amazing to have the strength, energy and clarity that I have today." AL, Lisle

"Dr. Paul really cares about ones health and well being. He's constantly thinking about how to improve your quality of life." DT, Woodridge

"What a joy to finally find a chiropractor who treats body, mind and spirit and who truly cares about helping his patients---a gifted individual!!!" BSM, Naperville

“Dr. Rieselman has been a tremendous help to me. I can now do so many everyday things, that were so painful to do, with ease. Working with Dr. Rieselman has definitely improved my life in many ways.” PT, Villa Park

"I appreciate Northstar Chiropractic's holistic approach to my treatment. They treat my whole person and not just my one ailment. By treating my whole person, my specific ailment is addressed and treated in harmony with the rest of my body. This has proven to me to be a faster, less stressful approach to my healing." MR, Naperville

“I feel better about myself and live a better quality of life with his treatments that help improve my health consistently. I frequently refer individuals to him, because I am confident they will experience amazing results with high quality care.” MK, Naperville

"I have been a patient of Dr. Paul's for 1 year now and feel terrific. I'm not new to chiropractic treatment, I have had several other dr.s in the past. Dr. Paul makes you feel comfortable and reassures you of exactly what the procedures are before he treats you. I recommend anyone needing that "feel good" about me treatment, see Dr. Paul." SH, Lisle

“Dr. Paul is someone I feel confident recommending to friends and family because of his wonderful demeanor and touch that set him apart. I feel at ease when I am in his care and trust him completely.” BC, Chicago

"Dr. Paul, It's a pleasure to talk about the care you give me, your attention to the slightest detail, your compassion, your caring. What can I say....?
I always feel better, after your appear to be ontop of the health issues, from an alternative point of view,you celebrate prevention...
pro-active treatments and careful step-by step clarity
Thanks for what you do" TY, Lombard

"My husband and I had tried several times to quit smoking. Dr. Paul told us he thought he could help us and amazingly, he did. With a mix of acupuncture, chiropractic, vitamin supplements and his positive and warm attitude, he managed to do what we were unable to do on our own. He gave us tools to use, along with our serious determination, to break a nasty years-long habit. We suffered little and his support helped when we had 'moments'. Bravo! A Thousand Thank Yous," JPS, Downers Grove

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including Lisle IL, Downers Grove, Naperville, Wheaton, Glen Ellyn and Bolingbrook,
with acupuncture, chiropractor, natural medicine, Chinese medicine, homeopathy & holistic doctors.

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