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We are now offering Massage Therapy not only for your aches and pains, but also with the goal of invigorating, rejuvenating, and re-energizing your body.  Our Massage Therapists, are highly trained in many different body work styles, with an emphasis on many different holistic styles of massage, aimed at removing blockages, increasing range of motion and reducing pain and spasms.  Call our office today at 630-795-1889 to find out more!

We analyze and address your spinal mis-alignments that can cause PAIN, inflammation, decreased range of motion and disrupt your nervous system from expressing the vital force nerve energy to every cell, tissue and organ in your body, AND we can also discover and provide key nutrients that your body is CRAVING......

Our Spinal Decompression Therapy unit has Herniated Disc, Degenerative Disc, Bulging Disc and Spinal Stenosis recovery programs.

In addition, we sometimes recommend time tested Homeopathic Remedies and Flower Essences to target "TOXINS and emotional stressors" that may be putting a damper on your life.

Our licensed holistic medical acupuncturist utilizes time tested Oriental Medicine which includes acupuncture, herbal medicine prescriptions, Chinese medical massage, and other massage techniques, cupping and specific diet recommendations to address functional and medical disorders naturally, without the use of drugs or surgery. .

Some recommended reading includes topics such as Applied Kinesiology, Nutrition Response TestingsmTotal Body Modification and Neuro-Emotional Technique.  These are great systems taht can potentially uncover the STRESSORS that are harming your health, and support YOUR body's fullest healing potential.

By covering ALL the bases, you are getting many therapies at each one of your office visits that is always "In tune" with what your body needs.

Our office sometimes recommends Ionic Foot Baths that may be able to help our patients DETOX from all the negative pollution in our internal and external environment.  If you use or are around WIFI, Cellphones, Microwaves, MRI facilities, Cellphone towers, Electric power lines, fast foods, processed foods, restaurant foods, negative people, hostile work environments, unfriendly neighbors, or any other negative physical, mental or emotional stressors, then you may want to think about regularly detoxing your system to keep yourself as healthy as possible!

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We are now accepting new patients, and most PPO insurance is accepted. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you very soon! Call the office to make an appointment at (630)795-1889.

Below is a sample of the techniques and therapies in addition to standard western medical diagnostic general orthopedic and neurological forms of assessment.

 Some Structural Chiropractic Adjusting Techniques

 Diversified—hands on, manual method for breaking muscle spasm, and realigning bones in the spine and in the upper and lower extremities. Has the goal of introducing increased range of motion into an area, resetting specific nerves, and for breaking spasm in hypertonic muscles.

 Activator Methods—hand held instrument that releases muscle spasm from internal spinal muscles and ligaments, as well as realigns spinal and extraspinal bones. Has the goal of resetting the entire nervous system, clearing your body of nerve interference, including pain syndromes. Number one researched Chiropractic technique in the world-- based on human experiments, not based on animal testing.

 Directional Non Force Technique—gentle, low force, manual moves with the goal of restoring motion to joints and discs. Realigns the human frame. Support for patients who want very low force adjusting that works.

 Fascial Distortion Technique—Unwinds, removes unnecessary torque from the fascia (part between bone and muscle). Support for rotated hips, nerve pain, disc pain / protrusions, realigning wrists, ankles, foot bones, and internal organ mis-alignments causing internal dysfunction, as well as TMJ muscle / ligament dysfunction

 CranioSacral Therapy—identifying and realigning the subtle, yet necessary, bony alignment of the cranial (head) bones. This allows the crucial cerebral spinal fluid to flow unimpeded through your spinal cord and brain. Support for headaches, vertigo, pelvic imbalances and neck pain.

 Pain Neutralization Technique--PNT is used to find and neutralize painful trigger points (accumulated byproducts in the muscles) that can cause you painful conditions almost anywhere in your body. PNT is very gentle and has produced effective results for almost all patient ages.

 Alternative Functional Chiropractic Systems

 Applied Kinesiology—a complete system of analyzing external and internal functions of the body based on muscle strength and weakness, revolving around the body’s lymphatic flow, vascular flow, acupuncture meridian flow, nutritional deficiencies, and joint / cranial bone alignment.

 Total Body Modification—a complete system of diagnosis and addressing of the human body’s electrical “computer system”, coordinated by the brain and spinal cord. Every function and organ in the body operates from neurological programs that can be assessed.  Support for allergies, total body internal tune ups, boosting immunity, PMS, Menopause, hormonal imbalances, digestive issues, heart problems, blood pressure, sugar metabolism issues, diabetes.

Nutritional Response Testing —Advanced Applied Kinesiology procedure that identifies and addresses nutritional imbalance, allergies, toxic metal poisioning that can be suppressing the bodies ability to create wellness.

 Neural Organization Technique—advanced brain and total body systems reprogramming based on identifying which bodily systems are dys-functioning. Support for allergies, ADD, ADHD, Learning disabilities, PMS, Menopause, and cranial, jaw, neck, low back and pelvic conditions.

 NueroEmotional Technique—a specific system of analysis and addresing of conscious and subconscious memory patterns that hold negative emotional charges. Has the goal of increase in peak performance (subconscious emotional self sabotage), Weight loss, stress management, and removing any charges from unwanted negative emotions.

 Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique—addressing the fight or flight, and rest / digest mechanisms of the body. Support for stress, heart problems, high blood pressure, digestive problems such as GERD, acid reflux, heart burn.


Some Holistic Systems of Analysis and Therapeutics

 Acupuncture—a system of using fine disposable needles inserted into very specific points on the body, correcting the flow, and removing blockages from the body’s meridian energy systems. Support for allergies, pain, headaches, hormonal imbalances, stress, emotional upset, any injuries.

 Homeopathy—a complete system of energy medicine that relies on the prescription of a correct dynamic (influencing the physical, mental, emotional and energetic) homeopathic remedy to stimulate the body’s immune response for any type of problem.

 Nutritional supplements—your practitioner will check for any nutrient deficiencies that your body may have, and make recommendations based on his / her assessment. By providing the body’s craved missing biochemical materials, your body can be supported while you are in between your visits.

Variety of Natural Physical Therapeutics

Hot Moist Packs—heated body areas with the goal of increased circulation,  nutrients into low blood supply areas, and a flush out of toxic waste from muscles.

Interferential Current—stimulates spinal muscles with the goal of flush out of toxins, reset spasms, and bring healing energy into the muscles to give them an energy tune up

UltraSound— support for pain relief,  swelling, supports tissue healing

InterSegmental Traction—provides thoracic extension that is needed in most people due to forward flexed dominant society we live in (always hunching, bad posture, etc…)

LED / Laser Therapy—addresses pain, supports tissue healing and with the goal of speeding up turnover of new cells for support of  healing and repair.

MicroCurrent—stimulates specific acupuncture points that works with pain control, releases spasm, and increases tissue elasticity

Some Laboratory Assessment Techniques

Hormonal Saliva Testing—24 hour testing sex and stress hormone levels and RATIOS, which is the most important aspect of how all the hormones interrelate.

NeuroTransmitter Testing—Using urine and saliva to test for quantities and ratios of your brain’s main chemicals and how they are affecting your body. Support for anxiety, depression, and any other mental-emotional symptoms or conditions.

Urinalysis—A wide variety of tests that can seek out unwanted proteins, blood cells, pH, as well as other specific tests related to Calcium levels and Adrenal function.

Blood Tests—Complete blood counts, Cholesterol tests, Specific Heart inflammation tests, Thyroid function tests, Food Sensitivities testing, Blood Typing Diet Analysis

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