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The following are Programs that are offered through Northstar Chiropractic Natural Wellness Center, P.C.
Please call our office at (630) 795-1889 to find out start dates on programs listed below.  You do not need to be a patient in our office to participate in our programs.  They are open to everyone.
Candida Force Program
Offered Through Northstar Chiropractic Natural Wellness Center, P.C.
8 Session Program designed to offer you a solution to your Candida problem
Benefits from signing up:
·        Join a collective group of people wanting to accomplish the same or similar outcomes with Candida control. Power comes in numbers!
·        Collective group energy reinforces Your maximum results that you wouldn’t be able to accomplish on your own.
·        Learn and perform a multitude of hands on techniques to balance sugar metabolism and keep candida at bay. Uncover the Healer within!
·        Learn how your body was designed to work, why it isn’t functioning well from Candida / Sugar Handling Problems and which key nutritional and dietary therapies specifically can help.
When offered: One time per year!!!  Starts in January.  Starts at NOON and finishes at 1 P.M.
***This program is available as an online course too; call for details!
Session highlights:
  1. Intro to Sugar Handling and how it affects Candida problems. Retraining your guts to work for you. Diet Part ONE.
  2. Clearing Candida energetically as an allergy to clear it physically from your body.
  3. Small / Large Intestine and Candida. Learn how to find it and fix it.
  4. System Crashes / Body Dumps / Die Off Reactions
  5. Checking and fixing Mold problems / Diet Part TWO
  6. Clearing Lymphatic system and Liver Detox pathways 1 & 2 / Diet Part THREE
  7. Find / Fix Kidney and female Reproductive Candida problems / Diet Part FOUR
  8. Atlas reprogram and self testing to find mold / Candida contamination
 “When you get a group of people together, and everyone’s body is actually working at the same time in unison, miracles can happen!” -This is the purpose of these workshops.
Northstar Chiropractic Health and Wellness Club
Come and join our health and wellness club!  We have many members already.  Each 4th Saturday of the month, we explore new concepts of health and healing.  Every session includes a didactic portion as well as a hands on component, usually done with partners.  Lots of fun, laughter, and meeting people who can share in health and wellness.  The group is run by its members.  Dr. Paul leads the discussion and is there for support and guidance during the partner exercises.  Membership includes free membership to our email group, and 10% off all products and cash services in our office.  Meetings take place from 12-1pm 4th Saturday of the month.  Call for more details!  (630) 795-1889.
Sugar Control Workshop
Class One: The course we are offering focuses on balancing, restoring, and strengthening one of the main / primary mechanisms / energy circuits / that keeps the body working in the realm of pain, inflammation, sugar handling, mood, focus, concentration, hormone balance, immune system and weight loss factors. The class takes the student through a series of educational sessions that include didactic learning, question/answer, one on one interaction, group exercises, partner exercises and more.  We learn lifestyle changes that can support the primary sugar energy circuit, as well as muscle testing techniques, the valley technique, the sugar circuit testing, interpretation and corrective means for restoration of the sugar circuit, and other main organ corrections, such as the main endocrine beltway, adrenal balancing, protein utilization, fluid metabolism, water utilization, energy calibration for muscles testing, and more.  The student walks into the class as one person, and leaves the class as another directed and rebuilt individual, ready to conquer the world physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically.  The office was founded upon the very principles you will learn. see you there! ---Learn to balance your digestive system, hormones and energetic calibration systems through this powerful yet simple diet.  We provide a shopping list, rules of the diet and many hands on learning exercises during this 4 week program.  Some participants have lost up to 35 pounds in 4 weeks!  Our latest result has been dropping CHOLESTEROL from 240--->170 !!!  Folks, these are NOT unusual results.  This is not a starvation diet or any fad type diet.  It is a powerful experience that your body has never gone through before.  Results are amplified by partaking in this class in a group setting.  Now, this Class is available ONLINE.  So, if you cannot make it to our office, you can watch it from the comfort of your home!!  Call the office at (630) 795-1889 for more details.
Class Two:  "Out of Sugar One, came Sugar Two..."  We explore how mental emotional stress and other psychological concepts interfere with our lives and can destroy our happiness and progress with our goals we have for ourselves.  Come explore how nuerotransmitters impact our brain chemistry, as well as how all of the major organs inside of us, are connected to emotional energies that influece our lives.  Session three explores the 6 steps on how you set yourself up to automatically feel hurt feelings.  We learn how to identify and nuetralize this process.  Finally in the last class, we discover various types of negative emotional junk we expose ourselves too that can weigh us down, and ultimately, bring us down.  This class is also available ONLINE, in addition to holding it in our office live. Call the office at (630) 795-1889 for more details.
***This program is available as an online course too; call for details!
Northstar Chiropractic--Taking it to the Next Level
An Introduction to breaking through and breaking free from karmic debts that have manifested in your physical, mental, emotional and energetic life.
We found a need on a wide variety of patients that had overcome much, and had brought forth much success.  But now they wanted EVEN MORE out of their life!  This program is designed to take it even further to the next level.
People want to remove the hurt and old scars of divorce, separation, chronic worry, loss of loved ones, insomnia patterns, loneliness, prolonged sickness or hospitalizations, that extra weight that won’t leave, all kinds of abuse and other scars that seem to not leave or that are not able to be let go of easily.
Who needs this program?  Anyone who wants to refine their life in ANY aspect:  physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically---in reference to money, job, career, finances, You as any and every role in your life, in reference to healing old wounds from those you love or in regard to those who love you or both!  Much more!


Session 1:  Your current primary wound, and the triad of Fear, Guilt, and Grief.  Staying grounded and balancing past actions.
Session 2:  Gut ecology, your enteric immune system, 3rd chakra sucker punch deactivation
Session 3:  Autonomic Nervous System, Fight or Flight, Rest and Digest, in reference to session 2 and session 1
Session 4:  Hormonal systems 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.  Energetic exercises with finger architecture exercises to balance hormones to sessions 3, 2 and 1


Call for more details!  (630) 795-1889.

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